We are all interested in getting things done. Some of us are better than others at actually doing it. Some of us may even fall in to the category of procrastination if we are not careful.

What causes us to fail to get the things done that we say we want to get done? There are a variety of answers to this rather broad question. Here are some of them:

• You may have never answered the big why question in the first place. Whatever you want to get done will become much easier when you have clearly defined why you want to do it. Defining the why doesn’t make the task itself easier it just makes applying the necessary energy to getting it done much easier.
• The thing you want to get done may be too big in its scope. Sometimes we have very big goals and we never get started on achieving them because they seem so overwhelming. The only way to achieve a big goal is to break it down in small steps and start taking one step at a time.
• Everything does not have the same priority. Have you taken the time to think through how important each of the things you want to get done is relative to the others? You may want to apply the urgent versus important criteria to each thing you want to get done. If you are not careful the urgent can overcome the important and you can be stuck in the everything is urgent zone making it impossible to do the important and longer term things that can lead you out of the urgent zone.
• You may not be used to celebrating small positive steps. You need to recognize and celebrate progress so you will feel good about continuing toward some of the bigger things you want to get done.

Now what? Take the time to go back to square one and clearly define your why. Once you do that it will be easier to make the other changes to the items above that can get in your way.

Start today.

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