One of my major drivers for writing From OK to Excellence, 7 Steps to a Productive and Engaged Workforce was hearing business owners or leaders telling me that Ok was good enough. I found this mindset unacceptable from many standpoints starting with the amazingly strong influence leaders have on the lives and the results produced… Read More

There has been significant information over the past few years about the impact of the generation called the Millennials on the workplace. Multiple studies have been done, reports written, consultants energized, books written and many other activities about the impact of the Millennials on the workforce. The activity in this area has become even more… Read More

  Early in my career I had a coworker supervisor named Larry and he was constantly asking anybody that would listen,” how am I doin”. This was very funny at the time and seemed a little weird. Larry even earned the nickname “how am I doin Larry”. As I have traveled a great distance since… Read More

  There is no doubt that engagement requires clarity. How could it be otherwise? If we expect the people who work for us to be engaged, we have to give most of them a reason. I say most of them because there are people in all of our workforce’s that just are engaged no matter… Read More

  I get in to discussions all the time with leaders about their beliefs about people. Here is some food for thought on beliefs about people. Take your time to think thoroughly about your view of your workforce or the workforce you will recruit if you are just starting out. What do you think about… Read More

As a manager or leader, have you ever hear this statement? What I do can’t be measured? In my years of implementing contribution management processes in my own organizations or for clients, I have heard that statement from an employee. Sometimes it was in a combative tone and sometimes it was in an inquisitive tone.… Read More

There has been a great deal of research over the past few years about workforce engagement. Individual companies, large and small, are continually doing research. They continue to try to figure out how to get the highest performance from their workforces. Academic institutions do continual research to add to the body of knowledge. Behavioral scientists,… Read More

Why do you need a purpose, something bigger than making money, for your organization to drive workforce engagement? In today’s business environment obtaining information and applying knowledge is critical to the success and growth of any company. The rapid advances in technology has made information widely available and created a wide range of possibilities for… Read More

Gallup announced recently that their engagement index which had been growing to above 33.0% for the last couple months has slipped to 32.7% in May. I’m wondering what there is to celebrate about 33.0% of the workforce being engaged. Does anyone think a workforce engagement level of somewhere in the 30’S is OK? What does… Read More

More and more organizations are noticing that their people are their main differentiator in today’s competitive knowledge economy. The Friday May 27 Wall Street Journal had an inserting article titled “Goldman Workers Are More Than a Number”. The article goes on to say, “While subtle, the changes at Goldman mark a softening of Wall Street’s… Read More