Have you even heard of a premortem? Many of you may not have heard of a premortem but you have more than likely heard of a postmortem. Perhaps you have heard of a postmortem in relation to a medical setting where health professionals are helping family members or someone else learn what caused a patient’s… Read More

Leadership development and application seem to be hard to connect. The intention is usually there to connect the developmental investment with the application back on the job but doing that seems elusive. Perhaps there is a disconnect between leadership development and application. As a consultant, I have facilitated many hours of leadership development training. In… Read More

Lets start using performance development instead of performance management. Performance management is a topic being discussed frequently these days. However, I’m not sure that everyone has the same meaning for performance management. I have also been getting feedback that just the term performance management scares some people. I suppose performance management might sound too much… Read More

Some of us who are high achievers are inclined to set Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG’s). There is absolutely nothing wrong with a BHAG if every goal is not a BHAG.   Even if we do have one of more BHAG’s we need to take the next step and create our action plans so at… Read More

  Early in my career I had a coworker supervisor named Larry and he was constantly asking anybody that would listen,” how am I doin”. This was very funny at the time and seemed a little weird. Larry even earned the nickname “how am I doin Larry”. As I have traveled a great distance since… Read More

    The 8/22 WSJ had an excellent article about the positive impact on Kimberly-Clarks financial success with a move from a parental oriented culture of above average salaries and no layoffs to a performance based culture. In the past culture even low performers rarely felt pressure. According to a retired sales director “a lot… Read More

You are a virtual manager much of the time if you have more than one location If you find yourself needing to expand to multiple locations to grow your business there are a few things to consider and assure that you get right. Before you can go to multiple locations you must do at least… Read More

As a manager or leader, have you ever hear this statement? What I do can’t be measured? In my years of implementing contribution management processes in my own organizations or for clients, I have heard that statement from an employee. Sometimes it was in a combative tone and sometimes it was in an inquisitive tone.… Read More

Stress, or at least the perception of stress seems to be everywhere in the workforce today. It doesn’t matter if I am working with a business owner, senior leader, front line manager or supervisor the topic of stress seems to crop up. What’s driving the feeling of stress in the workplace? There is no doubt… Read More

Some things just seem natural, like the 90 day review. The 90 day review concept applies to whatever you are doing. Your business certainly needs a good review at least every 90 days, your subordinates, if you have some, need a 90 day review and probably your personal life does as well. You could be… Read More