We are all interested in getting things done. Some of us are better than others at actually doing it. Some of us may even fall in to the category of procrastination if we are not careful. What causes us to fail to get the things done that we say we want to get done? There… Read More

Some of us who are high achievers are inclined to set Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG’s). There is absolutely nothing wrong with a BHAG if every goal is not a BHAG.   Even if we do have one of more BHAG’s we need to take the next step and create our action plans so at… Read More

  The minute you stop working on yourself is the minute you start going backward regardless of your age.   What are you doing to keep growing and learning? Are you counting on someone else to do it for you or provide the developmental tools? If you are you may be severely disappointed. Whether you… Read More

  Do you believe that to be a leader you must have a formal title that defines you as a leader? Look for opportunities to lead and remember you can lead from anywhere.   Have you ever found yourself influencing the behavior of others with no title at all? I suspect that you have. Leadership… Read More

As most of us know, the way we look at things strongly influences the way things look.   If you look for things that are wrong with whatever you are looking at you can usually find plenty. After all you are looking through your filter that defines what wrong and right look like. It’s easy… Read More

    What is thoughtful leadership and how can you develop it?   As leaders we have significant influence on others in ways that we are not always conscious of. In fact, if we are not careful we can go through our days as leaders with not much though at all about the influence we… Read More

  There is no doubt that engagement requires clarity. How could it be otherwise? If we expect the people who work for us to be engaged, we have to give most of them a reason. I say most of them because there are people in all of our workforce’s that just are engaged no matter… Read More

    Last week Friday I had a great day with some millennial friends.   I started my day with a long time mentee and friend. We have been having coffee or an evening beverage for over 6 years and I have had the pleasure of watching him learn grow and take on new challenges.… Read More

  Skipping the necessary strategic thinking is often times the reason for feeling overwhelmed by life in general. Strategic thinking is not just for big business, it’s for all of us regardless of what we are up to.   Consider this. If you are making decisions on a daily or moment by moment basis about… Read More

All development is self-development. If you aspire to be a great leader, then you are looking at a lifetime of self-development. If you are planning on the organization you work for to develop you, it may be a long wait. Although you may experience some opportunities to attend development programs organized by your company, they… Read More