Leadership development and application seem to be hard to connect. The intention is usually there to connect the developmental investment with the application back on the job but doing that seems elusive. Perhaps there is a disconnect between leadership development and application. As a consultant, I have facilitated many hours of leadership development training. In… Read More

Lets start using performance development instead of performance management. Performance management is a topic being discussed frequently these days. However, I’m not sure that everyone has the same meaning for performance management. I have also been getting feedback that just the term performance management scares some people. I suppose performance management might sound too much… Read More

  Do you believe that to be a leader you must have a formal title that defines you as a leader? Look for opportunities to lead and remember you can lead from anywhere.   Have you ever found yourself influencing the behavior of others with no title at all? I suspect that you have. Leadership… Read More

    What is thoughtful leadership and how can you develop it?   As leaders we have significant influence on others in ways that we are not always conscious of. In fact, if we are not careful we can go through our days as leaders with not much though at all about the influence we… Read More

All development is self-development. If you aspire to be a great leader, then you are looking at a lifetime of self-development. If you are planning on the organization you work for to develop you, it may be a long wait. Although you may experience some opportunities to attend development programs organized by your company, they… Read More

You cannot expect performance excellence if you don’t lead with clear expectations. It doesn’t matter whether you are a senior executive or a front line leader you will never achieve your goals if you don’t provide your team members with clear expectations. Even though you may clearly understand what you want to achieve, your subordinates… Read More

Every leader is a visible leader and always has a big impact. I was recently meeting with a client and we were discussing his view of things that needed to be done or changed in his department. I am also working with his boss so I have some additional insight. During our conversation he suggested… Read More

My definition Leadership is demonstrating behaviors that influence others to want to act with passion to support the achievement of mutual goals. The key components of this definition include: • Demonstrating behaviors that influence others, which requires the leaders to be self-aware and aware of others. • Act with passion, which requires that the mission… Read More

I take the topic of leadership very seriously and have developed my philosophy taking in to consideration all of the various inputs I have received relative to leadership. I have seriously considered the following: • My fundamental beliefs about people as productive or unproductive members of society in whatever role they are playing • My… Read More

A recent study by management development company DDI indicated that 6 of 10 employees say that their manager’s words or actions leave them feeling bruised. The findings suggest that many bosses while trained in business and decision making strategies lack basic interpersonal skills. The survey results go on to say that 7 in 10 workers… Read More