Every organization needs to answer their why, what and where. In most cases organizations are started by a founder or founding group that wants to solve a problem, improve circumstances, improve offerings in a product or service category, introduce something totally new and valuable to the marketplace, improve lives, in other words introduce something or… Read More

The topic of organizational culture has been a hot topic for a good number of years and it seems to be getting hotter all the time. It has become very clear to me that culture must be designed and maintained with the understanding that it is part of a behavioral ecosystem. Culture must consider all… Read More

One of my major drivers for writing From OK to Excellence, 7 Steps to a Productive and Engaged Workforce was hearing business owners or leaders telling me that Ok was good enough. I found this mindset unacceptable from many standpoints starting with the amazingly strong influence leaders have on the lives and the results produced… Read More

There has been significant information over the past few years about the impact of the generation called the Millennials on the workplace. Multiple studies have been done, reports written, consultants energized, books written and many other activities about the impact of the Millennials on the workforce. The activity in this area has become even more… Read More

  As you arrive at work every day do you think about the culture at your workplace? No matter how you answered that question the culture of your organization is all around you. Many organizations never talk about or think about culture but it is created and maintained by behaviors in the workplace. A simple… Read More

    The 8/22 WSJ had an excellent article about the positive impact on Kimberly-Clarks financial success with a move from a parental oriented culture of above average salaries and no layoffs to a performance based culture. In the past culture even low performers rarely felt pressure. According to a retired sales director “a lot… Read More

  I get in to discussions all the time with leaders about their beliefs about people. Here is some food for thought on beliefs about people. Take your time to think thoroughly about your view of your workforce or the workforce you will recruit if you are just starting out. What do you think about… Read More

    I had the pleasure of joining 733 other people recently for the celebration of the winners of the San Diego Business Journal best places to work awards. I had interviewed some of these companies and it has become clear that culture drives excellence.   This was a crowd in the mood for celebration… Read More

I read an interesting article in my local paper on Sunday about a billing error that cost a public entity thousands of dollars in lost revenue for failure to implement a rate change and not noticing it for a few years. According to the article the error was first detected in March of 2014 and… Read More

I recently heard a very interesting definition of company culture. “The way the work gets done”. This definition is very easy to remember and truly does encompass the elements of what culture is. Although the core driver behind culture is the core beliefs of the key cultural influencers (Business Owner, CEO, Sr. Team etc.) it… Read More