Why is it sometimes so difficult to define goals and get results? There are many reasons and here are ten to start with: 1. We don’t clearly define the goal. We are not specific enough or don’t use words that we understand that will help us move toward success and we don’t clearly define what… Read More

Lets start using performance development instead of performance management. Performance management is a topic being discussed frequently these days. However, I’m not sure that everyone has the same meaning for performance management. I have also been getting feedback that just the term performance management scares some people. I suppose performance management might sound too much… Read More

We are all interested in getting things done. Some of us are better than others at actually doing it. Some of us may even fall in to the category of procrastination if we are not careful. What causes us to fail to get the things done that we say we want to get done? There… Read More

Some of us who are high achievers are inclined to set Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG’s). There is absolutely nothing wrong with a BHAG if every goal is not a BHAG.   Even if we do have one of more BHAG’s we need to take the next step and create our action plans so at… Read More

  Skipping the necessary strategic thinking is often times the reason for feeling overwhelmed by life in general. Strategic thinking is not just for big business, it’s for all of us regardless of what we are up to.   Consider this. If you are making decisions on a daily or moment by moment basis about… Read More

A goal is a wish with a deadline. Perhaps it’s not quite that simple but it’s close. One of the main reasons for lack of achievement for a business or for individuals in and out of businesses is the failure to clearly define what they are trying to achieve and by when. The establishment of… Read More