We all spend a good bit of time making decisions based on vague information or learned beliefs that cloud those decisions. Shouldn’t we spend more time searching for clarity? We are at a bit of a disadvantage as human beings. Our brains are designed to notice patterns and create habits to conserve our energy. This;… Read More

Have you even heard of a premortem? Many of you may not have heard of a premortem but you have more than likely heard of a postmortem. Perhaps you have heard of a postmortem in relation to a medical setting where health professionals are helping family members or someone else learn what caused a patient’s… Read More

Every organization needs to answer their why, what and where. In most cases organizations are started by a founder or founding group that wants to solve a problem, improve circumstances, improve offerings in a product or service category, introduce something totally new and valuable to the marketplace, improve lives, in other words introduce something or… Read More

One of my major drivers for writing From OK to Excellence, 7 Steps to a Productive and Engaged Workforce was hearing business owners or leaders telling me that Ok was good enough. I found this mindset unacceptable from many standpoints starting with the amazingly strong influence leaders have on the lives and the results produced… Read More

We are all interested in getting things done. Some of us are better than others at actually doing it. Some of us may even fall in to the category of procrastination if we are not careful. What causes us to fail to get the things done that we say we want to get done? There… Read More

Some of us who are high achievers are inclined to set Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG’s). There is absolutely nothing wrong with a BHAG if every goal is not a BHAG.   Even if we do have one of more BHAG’s we need to take the next step and create our action plans so at… Read More

  Do you believe that to be a leader you must have a formal title that defines you as a leader? Look for opportunities to lead and remember you can lead from anywhere.   Have you ever found yourself influencing the behavior of others with no title at all? I suspect that you have. Leadership… Read More

  In working with clients, I often find managers focused on the boundaries in their work environment and the perceived limits they provide, as opposed to looking at all the white space and room to act and innovate within the boundaries.   Are there any parts of your life where there are no rules or… Read More

  If you are leading an organization of any size, have you identified the things that only you can do? Seriously, what are the things that only you can do?   I suspect that if you have given this question any serious thought you have come to the conclusion that there are very few things… Read More

    What is thoughtful leadership and how can you develop it?   As leaders we have significant influence on others in ways that we are not always conscious of. In fact, if we are not careful we can go through our days as leaders with not much though at all about the influence we… Read More