Every organization needs to answer their why, what and where. In most cases organizations are started by a founder or founding group that wants to solve a problem, improve circumstances, improve offerings in a product or service category, introduce something totally new and valuable to the marketplace, improve lives, in other words introduce something or… Read More

The topic of organizational culture has been a hot topic for a good number of years and it seems to be getting hotter all the time. It has become very clear to me that culture must be designed and maintained with the understanding that it is part of a behavioral ecosystem. Culture must consider all… Read More

Have you reviewed your policies and procedures lately? If you are a theory Y leader and believe that people come to work wanting to do a good job and be supportive of your goals do your policies and procedures support your desire to have an engaged workforce. Don’t let your employee handbook highlight all the… Read More

If you are a business owner or a manager at any level chances are good that you have occasionally wondered if the people who work for you really care about the business? The real question is do you really care if they care and are you willing to take the steps necessary to give them… Read More

The culture of any organization is set by the leaders/founders and can adjust over time based on changes in leaders and changes in beliefs. This applies to for profit companies, nonprofit organizations, governmental organizations, religious organizations, fraternal organizations and on and on. Every collection of people organized for some purpose is impacted by the beliefs… Read More

  Performance management is discussed in magazines, newspapers, books and by many management consultants on a regular basis and often times with slightly different meanings. I will provide our definition to assure that everyone understands what I mean by a Performance Management Process.   Performance Management Process: The establishment and communication of a uniform management… Read More

  How can you achieve positive results without clear expectations throughout the organization? My experience in working with clients to help them develop a high performing culture has helped me understand that many times the leaders in the organization believe they have been clear about their expectations and the team that is tasked with getting… Read More